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Lara Plutte, MA, MSW, ACSW

Psychotherapy, Counseling, Mindfulness, Meditation & Healing


"The challenge is not to be perfect - 

it is to be whole." ~ Jane Fonda

"Once we resolve to see clearly how things are, 

the process of healing - a word that at its root, means 'returning to wholeness' - can begin." ~ Gabor Mate


My work is to support you to heal your own self with clarity, insight, tools & practices that work for this unique time in your unique life. Ultimately your healing is your decision, one of the most important ones you will ever make & a choice that deserves deep honor, support & action.

My clients find me during various times in life: young adulthood, partnership/marriage, becoming a parent, transitions through parenting, mothering, mid-life, peri/menopause, loss, grief & aging. The anxiety, sadness, upheaval & unknown along with the learning, empowering, joys & personal growth of these times is where I work best to help my clients.


There is suffering in so many ways in life & there is also relief from suffering in also so many ways.

I work with clients by engaging in a unique variety of healing tools: talk therapy, meditation, mindfulness, writing, yoga, movement, nature healing, energy healing & more. My specialties lie within my own life experiences: anxiety, depression, identity as an empath, high sensitivity personality, eating disorders, panic attacks, early adulthood, pregnancy, motherhood, parenthood, mid-life challenges, insomnia, aging & more.

Life is a challenge, always requiring effort even just to exist. And then, there are the numerous life challenges that reach way beyond just existing. So many of them unexpected, confusing, painful, isolating. No matter how light or deep your life challenges are, you are not meant to face them alone & powerless. I am here to help. Life can be & feel better than it is.


University of California at Los Angeles, BA

University of California at Berkeley, MA

University of California at Los Angeles, MSW

InsightLA Certified Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, 2017

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